This is pexped

We want to show the world in a new perspective. Interesting locations and amazing stories can be found all across the world. In our videos, we hope to show these places and share these stories. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or travel across the world to explore, you just need to start in your own town.

- Paul Daigneault

Our story

Welcome to Paul Expeditions or Pexped in short. In November of 2016, Paul Daigneault created a YouTube channel called Pexped to show the public local hiking trails around Southwestern Virginia. Starting with a simple phone camera, he created his first hiking guide of McAfee Knob. As 2017 came and filming equipment was purchased, the channel began to slowly grow. Wanting to film more and explore more often, Paul welcomed both Normand Daigneault and Sean Nelson aboard the team.

After coming up with new idea’s, the team decided to film new series such as Abandoned America and Short Top 10’s. Abandoned America quickly became our most popular series after filming in Thurmond, West Virginia. The team realized that if we wanted the channel to keep growing we would need to focus on new series rather then the Hiking Guides. Eventually Passport America, Foodgasm, and Paranormal America were made giving the channel a variety of travel and history video’s for many to enjoy. We continue to grow today. We continue to learn new ways of filming and new ways of telling amazing stories through camera. We hope you enjoy and thank you for watching.

We have videos for almost anyone. Our current series include Passport America, Paranormal America, Abandoned America, and Foodgasm.