Pearis Cemetery


Located in the small town of Pearisburg, Virginia is a hidden cemetery overgrown by the land it was built upon. This site, known as Pearis Cemetery, is home to 205 known gravesites from both the 19th and 20th centuries. The cemetery was named after George Pearis, a Captain in the Colonial Army during the Revolutionary War. After being wounded in battle, he bought the land now known today as the town of Pearisburg. Dieing in 1810, he was the first burial in the cemetery being followed by locals, as well as four Confederate soldiers that were killed in a small skimmerish that occured within town. The cemetery closed in 1910 and was long forgotten, being overgrown with mother nature. In the early 2000’s the land was preserved by a local Boy Scouts group who came in and cleared the land from brush.

List of the 205 known graves located at the cemetery.

List of the 205 known graves located at the cemetery.

Today the Pearis Cemetery is known as a haunting ground for the paranormal. Reports of figures, odd noises, and shadow people rumor the air in the small town of Pearisburg. It is also rumored that during the 21st century, a local Satanic group would perform rituals and animal sacrifices at this location, though our research shows no evidence of this.

The professional paranormal group known as the New River Valley Paranormal Research Society holds the only written paranormal experience held at the cemetery that we could find. During the Halloween season, the group decided to investigate the Pearis Cemetery, not to prove encounters, but to debunk theories of the location. They received multiple stories of visitors being followed and eerie voices from the woods. During the investigation, a founding member of the society, known as Wildie Wilson, sat down on the bench in the cemetery to take notes. At the time the group did not have a lot of funds, so investigation notes would be written down. While writing and holding the flashlight under is chin to see the notebook, Wilson noticed someone standing about two feet from him. Thinking it was a fellow investigator Wilson finished writing and said “I'll be with you in one second.” When he looked up to acknowledge the figure, nothing stood before him. He came to realize that none of his fellow investigators where in this area as well.

Being located off a section of the Appalachian Trail, the Pearis Cemetery mostly holds paranormal experiences for thru hikers that visit the area while walking. While no known public photo or audio recording can be found, in our opinion this cemetery could still be a very haunted location. What is known is that this land has a historical significance which may serve as the bases for all the rumors and stories. We plan on personally investigating the Pearis Cemetery when we get the chance and hopefully put our share of paranormal activity at this location in video, on picture, and on recording to provide to the public for you to see.