creator: Paul daigneault jr

Paul created the channel in November 2016 after hiking McAfee’s Knob in Virginia. He wanted to create a YouTube channel that focused on our hidden world. Always being interested in travel, but not having the funds to do so, Paul set out to find interesting local places that not many people knew about. Together with his family and friends, PEXPED is now what it is today.

Cameraman: Normand Daigneault

Normand is Paul’s cousin. He started along Paul with helping to film our traditional hiking videos starting with our Buffalo Mountain hiking guide. Since then, Normand has gone on most adventures and helped with filming, photography, and adding comic relief.

Gaming creator: sean nelson

Sean started with PEXPED since the beginning. He helped from filming to hosting his own videos. Today, though still in main videos, Sean lays his focus on the PEXPED Gaming Channel, a little side project for our gaming fans.